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Canon EOS 1D Mark 3 Photo Art

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Here comes another example how to use the Canon EOS D1 Mark 3 in 2019 for photo art. Of cause, you can use this pro camera in different ways to take beautiful pictures. But for me, it is more important to show the difference between a normal Photo and Photo... Read More

Rainbow Photography + Matlab Image Processing

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Picture 1:  Renesse Beach January 2019 Picture 2:  St.Ives Porthmeor Beach August 2018 Picture 3:  Shows the revised Picture 1. Picture 1 was owerwritten with an Matlab Algorithm which copy the “RGB” Pixel values from “Picture 2” and overwrites the RGB Values from Picture 1. The result are shown in Picture 3... Read More

Matlab Algorithm APS-H Image Processing

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This Picture (“Yesterday”) was made with the Canon EOS D1 Mark III and revised with an Matlab Algorithm 🙂           / ~ 81

APS-H, what else?

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This Picture was made with the Canon D1 Mark III, A fabulous and fast DSLR Camera. Image processing with several Matlab Algorithm. / ~ 151