Last minute ES scalp trading with the Nucom Algo_42_TP_EX

Last minute scalp trading in the ES Sept.16 contract with the Nucom Algo Beta variation 42_TP_EX.

Nucom was programmed as as ghost or hidden bot. (The OTA Algo 42_TP_EX  is a variant of the Nucom Algo (Markov Chain DTMC) but he has also a Boolean Function F2,F3,F15.

What happened?

Nucom was for over 90 sec.  as ghost order in the Market and flips up and down in the price ladder. Then he get a fill immediately @6850 and set the TP to 6875 . The TP Order are jumped into the queue on position 1076 instead of 1525 within micro seconds. After the fill i take profit within a blink of an eye :]

Should i trade in the last minute?

The End of a trading day is often volatile and algos flipping on both side of the Markets to close theirs positions. Nucom 42_TP_EX was programmed to trade with this algos. Be careful and never trade in the last minute when the HFT algos enter the Markets.

Happy trading :] [Click+Pic]