X Trader Pro MD Ladder or Jigsaw?

a large number of people ask me, about my trading experience with the jigsaw dom and the x trader pro and if one of this tools are good for scalp trading?

it is impossible to compare both, because x trader is a trading plattform for professionals (since 20 years) and jigsaw is an order flow “tool”. Strictly speaking a third party plugin. A plugin component is mostly not so fast as a trading plattform which is programmed only in one lanquage (x trader as example is written in c/c++). you need for the jigsaw tool a trading platform and a separat Data Feed #DTN IQ Feed, #CQG or #Rithmic. My preference Data Feed from TT is unfortunately not available.

Please notice:

A trading Platform should depends on your trading style!

The jigsaw tool is for trader in combination with chart trading on a longer time frame a good choice to make  trading decisions on specific price levels. Jigsaw will be a good choice and a cost effective alternative for ambitious traders.

I use at the moment the X Trader Pro. You need for scalp trading in volatile Markets a very fast order execution trading platform and you should make your trading decisions below a few micro seconds and that is at the moment only possible with the x trader pro from TT in combination with algorithmic trading.

abstract: 95% of all trading Platforms for retail trader offers a huge amount of indicators with fancy charting possibilities and other esoteric junk. Maybe it was possible to trade in the 90s with this crap things but today, the markets are extrem volatile and they are driven up to 70% by algos and 5 % from HFT trading companies.