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    Incredible…HFT and Predatoty Algorithm lost control in the Stock Markets. This is one of my favorite live trading VID’S from the Stock Market (Flash) Crash on May 2010. Scary and funny at the same time! Cancel all Orders or you get hooked…that’s for sure:)  [Click+Vid]

    Live Audio broadcast from the S&P 500 Trading Pit at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME). You listen to Ben Lichtenstein from the S&P 500 Futures Pit at the CME during the “flash crash on May 2010. The biggest “one-day point decline”,  around 998 points on an intraday basis in the Dow Jones Industrial Average history.


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    Day Trading thoughts from an Algorithmic Order Flow trader… 


    my Name is Mario Sporken, i am Family Guy and Bulldog owner and i live in Essen Germany.

    I spend the last years as an “Orderbook algorithmic Scalp Trader” in front of my Trading Desk and watch the Order Flow in different Futures Markets and i’ve trade multiple Markets at different exchanges and a lot of “products” as example Currencies, Energies, Metals, Financials, Grains, Meats and Softs.

    I’m using trading Platforms such as Ninja Trader, Sierra Charts, CTS4 (Cunningham Trading System), Photon Trader,  Agena Trader,  Scalptool from Euspeed, Bookmap /Velox Pro,  X Trader Pro from TT + ADL , Multicharts.NET ,  Jigsaw Trading and a few other Tape reading tools but never  “ATAS”, because this Prog. is for me a no-no :]

    My experience with all this Trading Platforms and tools?

    They are ALL USELESS CRAP for the Finacial Markets these days!


    The Financials Markets are driven by automated trading systems  (Algorithmic trading and HFT). The total amount of automated trading in 2016 -2017 is valued of around 87% +

    Between this battle of the Quants are a few retail traders in front of their desk at Home and trade their own money….”that’s crazy” and most of them think they can trade in the same successful way as example the traders from Goldmann Sachs or Deutsche Bank. A huge different to this institutional trading Firms are, that they trade OPM (Other People Money) and you trade your own money :] Ermm…that’s crazy and scary together :]

    Why do you do that?

    Because you think for your own (“YES for your OWN”,  you have lost a lot of Friends in the last months…) “I can do it” I will be sucsessfull”. I will trade the Markets in  the same way as Paul Rotter, Harries Brumfield  or Karen the Super-Trader…? do you really think you can Trade with all this USELESS Software at home in the Financial Markets 2016 – 2017?

    Ermm….i repeat myself: “That’s crazy!”

    Anyone can err, but only the fool persists in his fault.


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    Understanding algorithmic trading basics… 

    You are thinking about algorithmic trading but you don’t know how to start your algorithmic trading career? You are an experience trader and have a lot of different programing skills? — but you don’t know which programming language you should use?

    You think Python or R is a good programing. language? What is about Matlab? is this a good choice for Data Mining or Machine learning?

    Trading in a “Sandbox” is the same bullshit as playing Counterstrike at Home instead to be being part of a real war.

    If you are really interested to learn Algorithmic trading, you should visit my website from time to time…and don’t forget to bookmark unbefugt.com


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    The Rise of the Maschines / Part2 

    Nanex Study the Rise of the HFT Maschines from 01.012007 – 12.31.2012

    “It’s not high frequency trading (HFT) that concerns us. It’s high frequency quoting, and it should concern everyone. The two images below tell the story”.



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